The city of Carmona is only 30 km from Seville. Besides its interesting monuments, its elevated position allows to have magnificent views of the whole region. It has Neolithic origins, and lived its splendor in Roman times. The Necropolis and the 2 most important gates of the walls (Seville and Cordoba) have roman origins. During the Muslim era maintained great importance, and was the capital of one of the “Taifas” kingdoms. During the christian era afterwards, some kings used to have a residence in the city, along with rich families, who built interesting palaces in it.

Most interesting monuments:

  • Alcazar del Rey Don Pedro
  • Roman amphitheater
  • Necrópolis
  • Cordoba and Sevilla gates

Carmona tourism website

Insider tip: the “Parador de Carmona” is a luxury hotel located in an old Arab Alcázar. The price of a room is surely too high, but having a coffee is not expensive, and you can enjoy the building and the spectacular views.

How to arrive to Carmona:
Price (January 2018): 2,85 € one way (bus), line 1240, route M124. The bus stop is located in Avenida Ramón Carande, next to San Bernardo Train Station, 5 minutes away from the hostel.

The ride takes 1 hour and 5 minutes. The company name is Casal, and belongs to the “Consorcio de Transporte Metropolitano, Área de Sevilla”.

Click here for bus timetables

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